Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★½

Hunt for the Wilderpeople follows a grumpy old widower and a portly, annoying kid (and their dog) who, through a set of strange circumstances, embark on an adventure through the great wild as they encounter strange animals, much peril and an adversary intent on taking them into captivity.

Honestly I lost a bit of interest after the wife died, but I have a small feeling that this film would have fared slightly better with me if it was animated.

- Loved Flight Of The Conchords and liked What We Do In The Shadows but could not get on board with this film's brand of quirk at all. It has this really kinda kooky, niche sense of humour that I couldn't get a grasp on, which doesn't happen often.
- Sometimes, I really like Rhyss Darby. Don't think this was one of those times.
- Don't think Sam Neill or Julian Dennison were right for the leads. Neill seemed a bit perplexed at which lines to hit and Dennison is just a charmless little scrote. They didn't really develop much chemistry and were a major obstacle in getting me to engage with the film properly. I'm curious to see how this film would have played out if Sam Neill was replaced with the Sam Sunt Bells character.
- Granted, I haven't seen Boy or Eagle V Shark yet but I think it's still fair to say that he's such an interesting choice to helm Thor:Ragnarok. He has such a decidely eccentric and offbeat style that seeing how much of his fingerprints make it onto that film's final cut will provide much fuel for the Marvel yay/naysayers.