West Side Story ★★★★½

- All I knew about West Side Story before watching it was that it's a loose adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and that there's a bunch of snazzy young men who aggresively snap their fingers at each other. But no, actually I had vastly underestimated how much of this film was familiar to me due to cultural osmosis. It rivalled Casablanca in how many times my brain went "Ohhhh, that's where that's from!". Truly iconic and I can see why.

- The early Maria and Tony stuff is garbage and only became tolerable when it started to connect more with the gang warfare. Also, it's funny to watch Singin' In The Rain and then watch a musical afterwards where both the leads have their singing voices dubbed.

- Most of the songs are great, but 'America' is next level. I mean, that's the best song in a musical ever, right? Not just because it's managed to maintain it's relevance til now but it manages to weave gender, racial, economic, cultural, and class conflict in a effortlessly witty and catchy way. I've been thinking about it everyday since.

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