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This review may contain spoilers.

when i was like 10 or 11 the movies that i watched the most were the scary movie franchise and it's nice to see the movie that was parodied in the first one. having seen scary movie a thousand times as a kid i thought the twist was the one in the movie but i was wrong and i liked that scary movie did their own little thing, it made me appreciate it a little more.

something that i think wasn't touched on scary movie was sydney's mom storyline, so i was very engaged with her backstory and how it unfolded.
the film nerd scenes were very entertaining and it made me want to watch halloween. i also loved that this movie feels like it was made by someone who really likes movies and not someone who just wanted to make a blockbuster. i just remembered this is a whole ass franchise but i want to see the first one again and then watch the other one's.

here's a list of scary movie references, i'm going to try and watch all of them and then watch scary movie again :p

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