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  • Dune: Part Two


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  • In the Summers

    In the Summers


    Maybe it’s because I didn’t want my Sundance experience to come to an end, but I wish this had one more segment. Even still, in at least one version of this story, Eva and Violeta are likely destined to continue these visits forever.

    2024 Sundance Film #13

  • Sebastian



    Could use some deeper exploration of the culture, but sad, insecure gay male characters will always be my kryptonite.

    2024 Sundance Film #12

Recent reviews

  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two


    Not to get too Boomer, but this is what happens when you tell people they’re special!

    * Paul buys into his manifest destiny after being told he’s 18 different kinds of savior.
    * Jessica goes full Kari Lake and becomes a zealot that I’m not even sure she believes in (or can even tell the difference).
    * Stilgar worships the ground Paul walks on, proclaiming every breath he takes to be prophecy fulfillment.
    * Irulan being told she’s the Bene…

  • Golda



    Well, there is a reason most war movies are shown from the soldiers’ perspective. There’s really not a whole lot going on here. Really weak, uneventful dialogue that does not meet the magnitude of the situation around it. It strives to be like LINCOLN, but we can’t all be given the gift of gab like Tony Kushner.

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  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    One of Marvel’s best qualities is when they let their directors put their own stamp on the movies in the MCU machine. And THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER allows Taika Waititi to again roam free.

    There are still a few obligatory superhero-movie boxes that need to be checked off, but are mercifully done with quickly. And there’s not surprisingly overuse of green screen and CGI.

    But the movie itself is really sharp! Its themes are pretty universal and thankfully not convoluted.…

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    “It’s not a good time to be a Nazi.”

    Ah, those were simpler times. So this movie is an outrageously funny rebuke against white nationalism. It succeeds on every level. Roman Griffin Davis is an absolute wonder as Jojo, as is the superb supporting cast. Even though it’s full of hilarious one liners, it’s still perfectly poignant. And as long as the world is full of Nazis, I hope Taika Waititi makes delicious satires about them until they’re all imaginary.