Elvis ★★★

For a musical biopic, ELVIS is strangely indifferent towards the music. The only two moments really are “If I Can Dream” and “Unchained Melody.”

The movie reveres Elvis, but doesn’t show off much of his artistry. We spent nearly three hours with him, yet I still don’t understand what gives him depth. Which is unfortunate, because I think Austin Butler successfully matches Elvis’s energy (and accent), but the script fails to give him much emotional material to work with.

Instead, it’s more interested in the business side of things. It is a two-hander with the Colonel after all (plus, he’s the narrator and it begins and ends with his death).

That makes the movie more cynical and at least sets it apart from other conventional biopics. That’s the Baz Luhrmann touch for sure. Bold, flawed, but defiantly sure of itself.

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