Nope ½

a stagnant clutter of situations that stays where it started. waited for an hour for "nope" to start until it eventually started to hit me that, "nope, this is it".

nope is painful. painfully dull featuring painfully terrible dialogues. daniel kaluuya's deadpan stare was interesting the 283743th time and then it wasn't.

it's a depot for narrative &story contrivances which is sad and funny at the same time because the movie doesn't actually say anything worthwhile for the amount of daft maneuvers it takes and manufactures.

in fact there is zero common sense in this one. a digital signal doesn't slow down or graaadually lose power if the power cuts out. that's not how it works. it's not a cassette. and we're supposed to read great profundity in this guy's work? when it literally obliterates rational explanation.

some people will blast john david washington's 'the protagonist' for not being so traditionally "character" heavy but then have no problem with daniel kaluuya being, once again, a detached loner staring into the oblivion for toothless longeurs.

what good is a held back supposed theme if it's poorly paced, badly written and is innately stewpid?

there are different chapters throughout this bore, such as "ghost" named after a white horse that doesn't do anything but run away and come back a few times. the pretentiously titled chapters are as haphazard as randomly assorted jigsaw pieces.

i don't even know where to end this "review" which is where i'll end this because this neither-scary-nor-tense mess of a "thriller mystery horror" enveloped by a thin layer of amorphous pretend 'oBscUriTy' doesn't deserve a coherent review or an ending, or a period [abruptly cuts to black]

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