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I want to make films so I have to watch films

Favorite films

  • Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
  • Only Lovers Left Alive
  • Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
  • It's Such a Beautiful Day

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  • The Quiet Girl


  • Only Yesterday


  • Joseph: King of Dreams


  • The Damned


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  • Burning



    watching this led me to realise that i enjoy Asian films because of the trust that they lend the viewer. Nothing is ever explicit, if you miss it, you miss it, but that isn't an issue since you go through this slow journey with the film (hence, also the trust in the audience to have patience).

    At the same time, you cannot just look away because nothing is ever too clear, you can reflect but there is still an enigmatic element in which they still keep you at the edge of your seat, unbored.

    That's this film. Slow moving but intense.

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    There's just something about the characters that exist in Wong Kar Wai's films that you hate to love and love to hate. These characters can only exist in his world - irresponsibly drifting, blissfully ignorant. It is a reflection of our own unfortunate ability to only look at ourselves as the protagonists of our own story. Wong Kar Wai takes that individualism and blends each one to paint a full-scale painting (and a beautiful one at that). That's what we…