Blinded by the Light ★★★½

Unbearably cheesy to the point where it actually works against the film, but this spoke to me on a personal level in a way I didn't expect. The feeling of being trapped in your town and by your family, wanting to make them proud but knowing who you really are might not be what they want you to be. That feeling of finding a song or musician that makes the world feel infinite and exciting to the point where through it, you can break free. It wears its Bend It Like Beckham and Sing Street influences on its sleeve, but one can hardly blame Blinded by the Light for borrowing from much better films. Hayley Atwell does her best impersonation of Paul Rudd in Perks of Being A Wallflower, a move that's both sweet and unnecessary. It also doesn't use Springsteen's music to the point where I'm sick of it which is great!

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