Parasite ★★★★

“So metaphorical.”

Though I have lowered it half a star, I do think my second viewing gave me much more of an appreciation for the film and the qualitative work presented in it by Bong and his actors.

A rewatch does take away a lot from the film, in terms of the surprise factor. Knowing what was coming, it felt less compelling a film, despite how shocking the twists can be. It was fun to see how everyone else was reacting to these shocks for the first time though.

I did definitely appreciate Bong’s directing much more in this watch and do hope he gets nominations. I though the performances, well most of them, were better on a second watch.

It’s really just the shock factor that drops, as there’s no room to be surprised. It’s hard to describe but rewatching it just didn’t feel as thrilling and cinematic an experience as the first watch and that lack of surprise definitely takes a toll on the film, especially heading into its twisted and shocking second half.

I still think it’s a film that’s very well made, but I wouldn't quite use the term masterpiece. It is subversive and smart in how it binds different genres together. Bong’s creative direction is ever-present among a cast that knows how to deliver, but again, a second viewing takes away from the experience of seeing it for the first time. For now, it remains a great 2019 film that deals with some important tones in a very mature and fascinating way.

I’d probably say it isn’t in my Top 20 of the year anymore, but rather my Top 30-40.

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