The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 ★★★★

I have so much to say about this so I’ll just splurge out my thoughts on it so forgive me for how random + unorganised + messy all this is.

I love the Twilight saga, and this film in particular. I know a lot of people dislike the two Breaking Dawn films but I feel like they’re the best because of how sentimental and out-of-touch with Twilight’s more supernatural sides and more in touch with Twilight’s emotional side they are. They’re essentially comfort films.

And I know I said this in my Breaking Dawn Part 1 review but I love how far the Cullens would go for Bella, like I want family and love like that; is that strong and prominently present. I just love how they care about her through everything and just love her unconditionally, not just for Edward but also because they genuinely grow to love her. Like imagine living in THAT house with the Cullens and like being a part of that perfect and beautiful family like gosh that’s the dream isn’t it? It’s fictional but what the hell...

I also really wanted to mention the Vulturi because I love how conflicting Marcus and Caius are. Caius is this arrogant prick who just wants to start a fight, and literally tries to change Aro’s mind about retreating by trying his best to make a fight out of the Cullen’s befriending werewolves. It’s so dramatic and overly petty, it’s hilarious. And then we have the most down to earth Vulturi member, Marcus, who’s probably chill because he’s tired of living and being a vampire who’s a part of the Vulturi, like he literally says “finally” seconds before he is permanently eviscerated by two vampires. It is just hilarious how conflicting they both are when they’re both in leadership with Aro.

I ALSO just wanted to say that this film makes me cry so much. From Bella’s theme being played to the shock ending that almost made me give up everything because Carlisle got slaughtered to just how beautifully supporting the Cullens are as a family and to outsiders to how wonderful their lives are to a love like Bella and Edward’s to the ending of the film that just encapsulates the entire saga and reminisces over all the films and characters. I just love it all and like I said, this is a sentimental film and an even more emotional finale to the saga so yeah it always leaves me in tears and I am now crying because of it. I am saddened and yearning. And there’s a scene where Edward thanks Carlisle for his amazing life and the line’s something like “Carlisle, I’ve never thanked you for this wonderful life” and I think I just cried my eyes out because wow he truly is living an amazing life and it’s all thanks to Carlisle and I think they’re just a beautiful family living beautiful lives and I truly desire that. I am yearning in tears, I am truly not stable now. Much yearning.

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