Scarborough ★★★★½

Nothing short of an essential watch. Feels destined to become a canonical Canadian film. Shasha Nakhai and Rich Williamson’s Scarborough is an intimate, empathetic, and tender feature that follows the interconnected lives of a group of underprivileged suburban families. That it never once feels misinformed or didactic in approach shows the importance of the diverse voices who bring it to life, with so much care and compassion that it can be overwhelmingly and gut-wrenchingly raw. All the performers here, young and old, are revelatory, the kind of casting magic that doesn’t come around often. 

Yet, most powerfully of all, it is also a hopeful watch that celebrates the resiliency and care of the individuals trapped inside of systems and institutions that perpetuate social inequality. It’s a quiet stunner, one I hope gets the attention that it deserves (as much as any CanCon … can) in its eventual wider release.

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