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  • Black Girl

    Black Girl


    Black History Month 2023


    Is there anything better than discovering a film that hardly anybody else knows about? Is there a worse feeling than wanting to discuss a film that hardly anyone else has seen?

    I don't have cable, but I do have Sling with TCM as an added extra. My entire DVR is filled with films from TCM. Usually every couple of weeks, I pursue the TCM schedule and just record films that sound interesting. Black Girl is…

  • Natural Enemies

    Natural Enemies


    Okay. There is a whole lot to try to unpack here. And I do not think I would be able to do it all here--I kind of feel the need to pound out a five page paper about what I just saw and how I am feeling. I'm going to try to keep it contained.

    I'll start by saying that this film is probably the find of the year for me. Thanks so much to Jonathan Hertzberg and Fun City…

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  • The Deadly Camp

    The Deadly Camp


    Second film I watched from the Vinegar Syndrome Made in Hong Kong: Volume 1 box set.

    The film is kind of sold as Friday the 13th, but on an island. And there is some truth in that statement. But not as much as perhaps I had anticipated.

    A group of "teens" /young adults take a boat to an island for a fun weekend. Unfortunately for them, a chainsaw-wielding, bandaged killer lives on this island, and begins picking them off one…

  • The Sweet Sound of Death

    The Sweet Sound of Death


    To be covered on the next episode of the Unsung Horrors podcast.

    I ain't 'fraid of no (gaslightin') ghost. Or are they gaslighting? Hmm...

    This film gave me a little more to chew on than I initially anticipated. Let's get through a quick plot synopsis before diving in:

    Pablo and Dominique are two young lovers, seemingly unable to be apart from one another. Before she returns to France, they visit a cemetery and Dominique wants to make a pact with…

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  • Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes

    Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes


    100 Horror Movies in 92 Days

    Watched via Popcorn Frights Film Festival's virtual platform. I couldn't really commit to an entire film festival right now, but I really wanted to check out this film after reviewing their lineup (and this teaser trailer).

    Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes begins as a ghost story. A couple (well, really it seems, the woman within the couple) inherit a castle and have arrived to inspect it. They begin to feel a presence within the…

  • Deep Cover

    Deep Cover


    Black History Month 2023

    I went on the record this past November saying that I'm just not really that into film noir. The femme fatales and stupid men. The double and triple crosses. It's just not for me.

    But, for some reason, neo-noir from the 80s and 90s does work for me. Just another one of life's great mysteries I guess.

    Deep Cover and director Bill Duke (and one of my favorite screenplay writers from the 90s, Michael Tolkin) use…