Terrifier ★★★½

This isn’t typically the kind of horror movie I find enjoyable, but I have to admit there were a few admirable aspects of this; mostly having to do with the character of Art the Clown himself.

For one, this movie was genuinely creepy. Art the clown was not crappy or cheesy looking, he was terrifying. I love that he’s in classic clown garb and it’s devoid of any color. I don’t know if clowns were classically dressed in black and white, but I think the fact that clowns are normally pretty colorful and this clown was not added to the creep factor. Art’s movements and creepy smiles and mannerisms made to himself while seemingly gliding was expertly done. The actor was a true performer. And that dead stare, so piercing. Aside from Art, the actors who played the victims weren’t bad either. I was pretty pissed when Tara got shot! She was badass. But at least she put up a good fight and wasn’t just a dumb helpless victim. And the homeless women added a strange whimsical element to the story I found to be endearing. The kills were mostly pretty good, though I find it highly unlikely that one could saw all the way through a body with a crappy old rusty hacksaw. But we can let that slide as this is obviously not a very believable movie. I thought it was interesting that they left the end of the movie open the way they did. Do they plan to unleash Art in the future upon some more wearisome victims?


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