Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

"we appear and we disappear. and we are so important to some.. but we are just passing through."
rented it.

while definitely not as good as the others, Before Midnight seems to be the most metaphorical and most thought heavy entry in the trilogy. this film deals with the fading of love, and how sometimes a significant other or the love of one person isn't as appealing or necessary as one would think it is, and how family and friends mean more in the end. and the way it does so is heartbreaking, and bittersweet throughout.

this is also the first in the trilogy to introduce more main characters than just Jesse and Celine, which is both helpful and can be a downgrade at times. it takes the intimacy kind of off Jesse and Celine, but meeting and seeing the viewpoint and how the actions affect more than just Jesse and Celine too is interesting and true to life. they have good friends and kids now, and everything isnt all about them.

this is by far the most heartbreaking entry in the series. its such a sad and bittersweet movie, it hurts like hell at times and then a few mere minutes later it makes you laugh, kind of analogy for love itself really. while its the worst in the series (not a bad thing to be at ALL), it still holds its ground and isn't as eh as everyone says it is.

this was also the first in the trilogy to be shot on digital instead of film, and thats not hard to see. the cinematography isnt as good as the other entries.

overall, this entire trilogy? amazing. probably my favorite trilogy of all time and definitely the best films that deal with the idea of love that ive seen. a bittersweet final note in a trilogy thats spanned 18 years now. masterpiece!