Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love ★★★★★

"you can go to places in the world with pudding! that is funny."

watched on Amazon Prime. PTA Thursday #4.

glad i finally got to rewatching this film. god i love it. on rewatch, this is without a doubt my favorite PTA film. this is definitely moving up in my favorites ever. damn.

Adam Sandler gives his best performance yet. yes, his performance in uncut gems was immensely good and thrilling, but this is just a bit better and i know that for sure on rewatch. very sad that PTA and Sandler havent worked together since this. its a shame.

the score is utterly fantastic! i noticed it much more this time around, i love sll of PTA's scores. very thrilling and beautiful at the same time.

the cinematography is AMAZING! truly excellent. some of the best ive ever seen and that is a fact. all the performances, everything. amazing.

i cant think of a single thing wrong with this film. at all. its beautiful. watch it immediately if you somehow havent yet.

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