Ran ★★★★★

Japanese Cinema Marathon:
Movie #35:


Kurosawa Always Talked About "Real Cinema" He Was Obsessed With Trying To Achieve This, Little Did He Know He Had Already Done It Many Times, So Many Times Throughout His Career, He More Than Anyone Else Achieved This Goal, And He Does It Here Yet Again, Here He Reaches The Apex Of Cinematic Art, Lyrical And Poetically, Visually And Metaphorically, Haunting In It's Imagery And Score And Understated In It's Performances, Kurosawa Here Achieves "Real Cinema" And Crafts One Of The Finest Epics Ever Made, The Movie Is An Adaptation Of Shakespeare's King Lear, The Movie Retains All The Original Themes But Kurosawa Adds His Own Complex And Varied Themes, Kurosawa And Shakespeare Go Hand In Hand, Some Would Argue Kurosawa Was The Shakespeare Of His Time, Pictorially Speaking, Both Were Greatly Interested In Many Of The Same Themes, So, When Kurosawa Adapts Shakespeare It's Always A Visual And Emotional Treat, This Also Features What May Be The Most Grandiose Battle Scenes I've Ever Seen, Each One As Colorful And Enticing As The Last, Kurosawa's Camera Work Is Flawless, It's Masterfully Skilled And Doesn't Employ Any Cheap Editing Tricks Or Gimmicks, He Was Obviously Highly Aware Of The History Concerned Here, And The Past And History Of Cinema, Reminiscent Of Eisenstein In It's Approach To Montage And Editing, Strictly Composed And Framed, And, Endlessly Precise, Reminiscent Of Ozu, Kurosawa's Obvious Influences And Subtle Nuances Are On Fully Display And Are Absolutely Glorious, Each Frame Of This Movie Is Methodically Handled, Each Cut And Edit Has Meaning, Substance And Style, The Blocking Is Simple, Yet, Layered, This All Prevents Kurosawa's Style From Eclipsing Shakespeare's Work, This Movie Flows Like An Opera, Subdued, Foreboding, And, Ultimately Sorrowful, "Ran" Simply Put, Is A Masterpiece.

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