Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★★

One of my favs of 2019. It has so much heart, so much warmth and so much funny. I find a lot of inspiration in this movie. The premiere scene is so explosively heartwarming and that convo with Queen B beforehand damn near turns me to a puddle. Plus, Eddie Murphy’s performance just touches my damn soul. Love this 

Hey, man, that ain’t cool. I know you Mr. Big Time, but the rest of us ain’t never done no shit like this before. I’m payin’ for this whole goddamn thing, and I ain’t got no fuckin’ ego about it. If a box need to get moved, I will move the box, and if the crew get hungry, I’ll go downstairs and start making’ sandwiches. Cause we are here to work together to make a movie!” 

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