The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

"I feel like I never see anything through. I go from one thing to another."

Self-assured but unsure. Changing careers, and passing back and forth between lovers and their beds. Her flaws make her human, her choices make her a person who's not just going through the motions until her hair turns grey, her teeth start falling out and her skin is wrinkled. Instead, she actively tries to seek what's best for her and takes control of her life, complete with all the mistakes and indecisiveness that it entails.

As realistic as The Worst Person in the World is, there are moments of fantasy – of the fairy tale kind and the horrific kind – that pushes its artistic genius while serving to enhance its thematic core. One of those scenes sees the city stop dead in its tracks and its her and her new lover who get to enjoy the moment without being frozen still. How often does our rapidly moving world provide us with lengthy bouts of serenity? Away from the digital screens, away from responsibilities of this world and distractions of the virtual one? We constantly move forward, but in that moment of dreamlike joy, they could revel in the beauty of the world without having a million other thoughts clog their hearts and minds.

For the millions of people going through their bouts of urban melancholia and trying to survive, The Worst Person in the World is a mirror of at least one aspect of their lives, and at most their entire existence. We're all confused, indecisive, anxious and doing our best to be happy in our personal lives and succeed in our professional ones. Life is too short to get consumed by regrets and what-ifs; to live in the past is to throw away your present. If she is the worst person in the world, aren't we all?

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