RoboCop ★★★★★

A bottomless movie, with just an infinite supply of pathos and grisly action. I've written about it before, will write about it again, but for right now I just want to toss out a few new observations: 1) That repeated low-angle shot of the elevator at OCP reminds me of Forbidden Planet; the stop-motion ED-209 calls to mind Ray Harryhausen. For all its prescience, RoboCop's sci-fi world-building is still quite old-fashioned. 2) The POV shots during RoboCop's rebirth and the visit to his old house place such a heavy emotional onus on the viewer. It's practically sinister. (The latter scene, incidentally, always reminds me of the "Valse Triste" segment from Allegro Non Troppo.) 3) I can't think of another movie whose ironic remove is so perfectly calibrated.

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