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  • Space-ship


    Jean-Claude Rousseau said he loved this, so I figured I'd make it publicly available.




    Limited edition, all-region blu-ray now available to purchase HERE.

    Please note that a 3D blu-ray player and 3D TV (or 3D projector, or VR headset) are required to play it.

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  • Goodbye to Language

    Goodbye to Language


    Reviewed for Cinema Scope here.

    That's ~7% of what I currently have to say about this film. I'm by no means "a Godard," (of the 19 other features of his I've seen to date, my current second favourite is Alphaville, which scores a stingy 6.7 on the Richter scale) but for my money this is, in 2014 and ~3250 films into my cinephilia, the greatest cinematic achievement I have seen. That it made me burst into tears, for reasons still…



    So much of the way I presently watch and think about avant-garde cinema was shaped by the decade-plus that I've been reading Michael Sicinski's criticism, so it was a tremendous honour and privilege that I got to have a long conversation with him about my work last month, right after PROTOTYPE's US premiere at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival (which he helped make happen). That conversation is now readable online here, published in Cinema Scope magazine (speaking of institutions that…