Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★½

This is interesting because we have people equivalent to Sam Bankman Fried, Elizabeth Holmes, that Bitconnect guy and Logan Paul partying together in some remote island in Greece. Equally done in the similar level of grace and elegance as Knives Out (was actually Radiohead song title - now it’s the Beatles.. wonder what song could be the third film of Blanc?) - although the scale somehow a little bit bigger, perhaps? The urgency was only picked up after second half but that didn’t negate the patient build up in the first half at all, and when it all tied up, it’s so beautifully constructed and connected wholly all together. Kudos Rian Johnson!

Initially I wanted to gave this 4 stars, but I gave See How They Run the same.. so maybe with the level of intricacy and somehow James Bond’s new charming persona, this bumped up to 4.5 stars. Genuinely looking forward of Daniel Craig’s performance in the next one, he’s already a legendary fictional detective in my eyes from now on.

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