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  • Napoleon



    It's a shame that a mixup at the theater prevented me from seeing this in IMAX, because those battle scenes are incredible. Some of the finest I've seen in a film. Ridley Scott is really your go to when you want to see some battles on a big screen.

    The rest of it was a bit lacking. I found quite a bit of humor, with the way Joaquin Phoenix played chasing Vanessa Kirby's Josephine around the palace, wanting to have…

  • Blanche Fury

    Blanche Fury


    More of a Gothic film than a Noir (despite Criterion Channel telling me it was a noir) This is a pretty good film. A lot of bad behavior on display, especially scapegoating Gypsies.

    Valerie Hobson and Stewart Granger had great chemistry on screen. And a neat surprise to see Michael Gough in this. He's so young I had a hard time figuring out just who it was until the credits.

    The Technicolor in this is really great, loved the opening and closing scenes.

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  • Blonde


    I wanted to give this film a fair shake, given the controversy.

    I'm sorry, but this film is a turd. A well crafted turd, but still, a piece of crap.

    The film wants to say something about the exploitation of women in Hollywood, but instead exploits the memory of an actress who has had her life looted for tragedy, over and over. They could have made her a more generic blonde actress, and told a more universal story. After all,…

  • What's Up, Doc?

    What's Up, Doc?


    Some of the behind the scenes of this film are very fascinating - I highly recommend listening to the You Must Remember This episode that covers this film, and Polly Platt's fight to become the first woman Production Designer (and the estranged wife of Peter Bogdanovich.)

    It's fascinating to hear how much influence a production designer can have on a film. Polly Platt had major influence on the script and the location of the film. Even though they were in…