Eternals ★★★★

So let me get this straight, “critics;” you want something that isn’t “formulaic” yet when you get one, you shit on it? First of all, anyone who thinks all Marvel movies are the same, probably hasn’t seen a goddamn one since ‘13. They change genres each film. How the fuck are they the same? Second of all, Chloe Zhao directed the hell outta this. Now, I’m a die hard MCU fan and I can even say this one feels like a real movie. Shot on location, beautiful Zhao cinematography, stunning cgi. The list goes on. But to make this one the critically lowest one, over fucking Ant-Man and the Wasp and Thor: The Dark World, is a personal attack. Let’s be real, they’re only trashing this because Kevin Feige came out saying it’s one of the best films they’ve made so far. 

By the way, Eternals was pretty damn good. ☀️ 

2021 Watch #182

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