Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

An excellent film that balances laughs and the reality’s of war...for a PG-13 WWII flick...

Roman Griffin Davis is a star in the making. He understands deadpan humor and all the emotions are held in his eyes. (Please stay on the right path so you can become a household name). While Thomasin McKenzie is the heart of the film. She’s sweet, endearing but tough. And if you enjoy her, then really check out her acting in Leave No Trace. She’s great. 

But the supporting cast is what steals the show. Taika Waititi as Hitler, spot on. Sam Rockwell as flamboyant Captain K., brilliant. Rebel Wilson as Fraulein, hilarious while Archie Yates as Jojo’s best friend, is probably the funniest/cutest kid to be put on film. But it’s Scarlett Johansson that has never been better. She’s not monotone, for once, and is extremely charismatic and lovable. 2019 was really a good year for her. 

However, praises aside, I understand some criticism about being too much of a satire, too ridiculous and nonchalant with the subject matter. But to me, it showcases just how ridiculous racism and Nazis are/were and why they’re no longer in power. So, not for everyone but I enjoyed the hell outta Jojo Rabbit.

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