Persona ★★★★

A continuous pet peeve of mine is that films regularly are too long. 'Persona' is a perfect example of the benefits of condensing, as it clocks in at about 80 minutes. Perfect! It does not overstay it's welcome at all, despite its esoteric qualities. I was largely puzzled by the plot. I hereby launch the new genre: Wikipedia-film!

But as a parent myself, what it says about parenthood and life with an infant (The angst, the stress, the duality of it all) really connected with me, and was truly shocking. But if you ask ten other people they would have ten wildly different interpretations of it, all valid of course. But I suspect you would have a different, and relatable, experience watching 'Persona' as a parent.

As a pure mood piece, it was really something else. I read that Ari Aster ranked it as one of his favourite films, and you can see 'Hereditary' and 'Midsommar' all over 'Persona'. Especially the way shots are framed, almost like looking into a dollhouse. The sick bed-scenes in the start, especially.