Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★★

Wim Wenders is German but still somehow directed the most American film I've ever seen??? The landscapes, the pickup truck, the brother's job making billboards, a whole lot more. I wonder if things that are very American pop out to Wenders because they are foreign to him. But anyway, this film is an all-around masterpiece. The music is perfect, the cinematography from Robby Müller (Down By Law, Mystery Train, Repo Man, The American Friend) is stunning, the wonderful Harry Dean Stanton is at his best.

The wide open shots of desert and plain are incredibly beautiful, and the skies are miraculously blue! So, so blue! With perfect looking clouds.

The relationship that forms between Stanton and his son is a very special one. The kid's great once he warms up, he has endless things to say.

In short, I hold this movie very near and dear to my heart.

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