The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera ★★★★

September Scavenger Hunt | Film 1
Task #25 - A silent horror film

I'm a bit ashamed it took me all these years to finally watch this horror classic, but I wasn't disappointed!
The famous unmasking scene deserves its reputation for being one of the creepiest and most memorable moments in the history of cinema.
I was also very impressed with the "Bal Masque" color sequence, the costumes and the sets. All spectacular.
The film isn't perfect though, it drags a bit toward the end with silly chases and too many unnecessary intertitles and, except for Lon Chaney, the rest of the cast isn't very interesting.

It might not be my personal favorite adaptation of Leroux's story, but it's for sure the most iconic and one that must be seen.