Favorite films

  • Tabu
  • Moonfleet
  • Princess Yang Kwei Fei
  • Moon Warriors

Recent activity

  • Womb

  • Hinterlands

  • Hunter

  • The Green Ray

Recent reviews

  • Kasba


    Cinema of stolen moments, and truck drivers who possess the wisdom of saints. A film where everyone is given a chance to sing; whether it is a lament sung in hiding to the moon, or a hymn for the trees. As if to say, the landscape will hold my secrets. Cinema as a unique spatial experience: Shahani understands that windows are the cinema’s best friend. His camera is always pushing through, or following figures as they walk by these openings…

  • Circle of Danger

    Circle of Danger

    A melody which holds secrets of the landscape. A silent sound, where everything lies in waiting. Fields of heather, and a Scotsman’s ultimate gesture. Peering into the archives; seeing ghosts walk out of the past. Searching the isles for the truth; shifting in and out of sight, a network of shady figures, tracing and re-tracing the circle. 3 men at the edge of the world, discussing the true meaning of honor; one man learning to accept the sad truth, and moving on.

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