Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Mild spoilers.
Yes, it's that good. See it in a theatre, if you can!

I'm just shocked at how genuine this is. About every emotional beat is effective, and not a single one feels duplicitious or artificial. I appreciate that so much. In this endlessly energetic movie, stuffed with a plethora of ingenious ideas and vibrant oddities, the familial story it revolves around is so much more affecting than I would have guessed. The perfect dose of heart elevates what would have nonetheless been a technical and stylistic masterpiece to a whole other level. The uniqueness of it all is endearing and quite lovely to see, but it's far from Everything Everywhere's finest attribute, or even its most memorable.

It has some of the finest visuals I've ever experienced, maybe, in terms of both concepts and execution. I could have gone without the hot-dog fingers, but each alternate reality is rendered with impressive care and attention to detail; even the smallest of scenes are composed meticulously. A fittingly overwhelming experience ensues, one that left me a bit weary by the end, but mostly in wonder at what I had just viewed.

Characters are something I've always valued highly in a movie, for whatever reason; some works benefit from having absolutely despicable leads, and that usually doesn't hinder my liking of the piece, but relatability or attatchment to the characters are often what makes my all-time favourites so special to me (pardon the brief personal tangent haha). The fact that characters (a word that should really have more synonyms) this loveable and wonderfully crafted were expressed within just a couple fleeting hours of cinema is astonishing. The extents to which I adored each of the three leading characters, and some of their counterparts by the end are soaring. The script is excellent, yes, but the performances deserve mounds of credit as well, as I think they're getting. Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, and Stephanie Hsu are outstanding, and the supporting cast provide some great scenes to the mix.

The delight I got from Everything Everywhere All at Once is more or less incomparable. It's rambunctious and a bit silly, as Evelyn seems fond of saying, but in the best way imaginable. There's a good chance the joy will wear off a bit once my head clears, but even so, this is really something special.

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