The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

*slight spoilers ahead, nothing too big but I'd still recommend going in blind*

Great movie, says I

A confined chaos, dark humour and dread mashed together to within a fascinating retelling of Prometheus. Unexpectedly, this was really weird, quite different from anything I've seen before. However, the mismatched tone is executed perfectly, right to the unsettling end. The myth of Prometheus always stuck out to me as pretty sympathetic, but this left me with a lot to chew on regarding that.

Willem Dafoe is, well, Willem Dafoe, so rather fantastic as usual; he really goes for the performance and the results are beyond admirable. And I never knew I loved Robert Pattinson this much, but he gives quite the performance as well. On a superficial level, this movie is gorgeous; the cinematography, effects, and production design are stunning, and for the most part it looks very realistic. This is my first sample of his work, but Eggers seems like an incredible director, and I'm looking forward to seeing the VVitch at some point!

While outwardly this was less scary and a bit funnier than I was anticipating, this is a genuinely disturbing movie in many ways. Still, I'd be happy to watch this for a second time; there's a lot I'm still thinking about, especially in it's relationship to Prometheus’ myth. For me, this is top-tier horror (I've seen like 20 horror movies but still) and I'd highly recommend this if you haven't already seen it and it looks like something you'd enjoy! So many good lines as welll.

"The light belongs to me!"

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