Parasite ★★★★

I tried not to read too much about Parasite because I knew I did want to watch it, but I was totally surprised by how much comedy was in this movie. There are some parts that are genuinely hilarious like the tuberculosis scheme.

Ultimately the direction this goes in the ending splashes some cold water on the whole comedy angle, but I enjoyed what was there. Acting was strong, cinematography was solid, and the story was great. I really appreciated the un-pretentiousness of the whole thing and because of that am honestly a bit surprised this won the palme d'or and has caught fire like it has internationally. This is only my second film by Bong Joon-Ho since The Host which I probably watched ten years ago at this point, and Parasite definitely makes me want to check out more from him. All in all a very solid film and deserving of the praise it's been getting.

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