“Is the cinema more important than life?"

"That's all I'm interested in, is love."

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  • Boredom


    Le titre dit tout

  • Tesla


    ethan hawke singing tears for fears... yeah maybe it was worth sitting through this garbage for that single scene

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  • L'Eclisse


    this movie sucks ass but alain delon's face is nice to look at

  • Moana



    It amazes me how formulaic Disney's movies are nowadays: it's possible to predict the entire course of the film just by watching the trailer once. There are never any surprises — it's all the same clichéd storylines, characters, morals. The songs are okay but forgettable. And why do all of their characters look the same?????! Why does Moana look like the Polynesian version of the girl from Frozen???! People talk up Disney like they're making such strides in animation with each new movie but the characters look like plastic dolls!!! Seems like CGI has made them lazy 🤔🤔🤔