Big Hero 6 ★★½

Nobody puts Baymax in the corner.

But seriously, if it wasn't for Baymax and some great visuals, Big Hero 6 would've been a disaster. It doesn't even try to change up the formula or try something new. It's a bland mix of Marvel's latest output with the cliched Disney formula, leading to a totally forgettable experience. It tries to be emotionally heavy towards the end, but it mostly doesn't work because these characters aren't even characters; they're all fit to attract a certain demo. Nothing more, nothing less. And the fact that it dumbs itself down for the kids in the audience pisses me off even more. Think more along the lines of Monsters vs. Aliens than The Incredibles with this one.

Visually it's splendid and like I said, Baymax is awesome. But without those two factors, we're left with another disappointment from the revived Disney Animated Studios (I wasn't a fan of Frozen unlike most). Kids will love it, but parents will probably be disappointed. Or at least I hope they will be. This is mediocre in every sense of the word.

Oh, and the short that played in front of the feature, Feast, was a nice treat (pun intended). So much better than the feature film it's attached to, that's for sure.

Grade: C