Us ★★★★

"We're Americans."

A film that places importance on big ideas over the concept-breaking exposition that most will claim to have wanted. The 'CinemaSins' crowd will have a field-day with this, but I will completely defend the singular, yet involving creative decisions made by Jordan Peele throughout this challenging film.

It really begs the audience to have their own opinion on the film and, frankly, themselves. For that reason, I doubt many will want to unpack it or end up actually like this film (despite what they might tell you). That being said, anything that reminds me of mother! in its scope and ambition is certainly up my alley, so I welcome material like this with open arms.

Peele's eye for the" horror" aspects of this film are stronger than they were in Get Out, but his knowledge of comedic beats hasn't left him either, giving us a really strong balancing act between the two genres (Wes Craven would really be proud). Also, I am beyond pleased that Lupita Nyong’o finally got her moment to shine as the lead here; no joke, she gives possibly the best performance(s) I've seen from any performer in any big-budget horror film. Truly breathtaking work.

It's not perfect, but warts and all, I absolutely love US. More like this please.

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