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This film is beyond beautiful and manages to do everything it can to make you emotional towards these characters. Not that it needs to do a ton of that because Steve and Timothy are two top notch talents; but it still manages to grab you with its storytelling. I’ve been hearing a ton of complaints about the structure but this film wouldn’t have been near as interesting without it. The fact that it uses these small moments to jump back and forth through time is brilliant. Sometimes, non-linear movies can just feel a bit much but Beautiful Boy never falls into that trap. 

Our leads form an attachment that will break your heart and make you angry. The father isn’t addicted but you can see where these problems stem from. The fact that the boy is young, and doesn’t know anything, allowed it to consume him at an early age. Every single time he tries to do something about it; life turns on him and forces him back in. It hurts the family, friends and loved ones around both of them. So the story and acting are there. The pacing suffers at times and it feels too long. I could have done without certain scenes but other scenes are perfection.

Beautiful Boy isn’t necessarily a fun watch but it’s worth watching at least once. It’s full of so much emotion; if you let it suck you in. It doesn’t quite hit those levels that I wanted it to when I first saw the trailer. I was expecting the two best performances of the year. And while they are Oscar level for sure; they didn’t get those major moments to shine like I was anticipating. They are still two of the best actors working right now and this true story gives them the opportunity to, once again, showcase that. The sound was very muffled during my screening so I’m not for sure if that’s a movie or theater issue? Regardless, it compromised the experience a bit. I will need to rewatch somewhere else just for that! 

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