Been So Long ★★★

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Dang, Netflix has completely burried this film. There are barely any reviews and I have seen nothing about it on any of the home pages. Regardless, it is a new Netflix movie so I had to review it. This is a fairly forgettable film that still manages to be well done. It’s a musical, which I usually don’t love but have been enjoying quite a bit recently. What this film misses out on is the opportunity to capitalize on the music which was my least favorite part of the film. The songs are fine but they’re not memorable. The second and third songs are also just very odd. Something feels off about them and they didn’t really serve the main story.

The story also suffers a bit from feeling very scattered. The main relationship is great and the acting is so strong. Our two leads are perfect and I can’t wait to see them both in more. But the film never puts that clearly in the forefront and expects us to care about these side plots just as much. It tries to send this deep message but fails to get me 100% in on it. Of course I’m in on the message of love but this movie played no part in that. The film gets a lot right and is a technical glory. The color correction may be the best I’ve seen on Netflix. I just wanted the content to be a bit more investing.