Cadaver ★★★

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Quick Review:

It was evident to me that this film would not be incredibly well received, but there was something about the atmosphere here that I responded to. In the starving aftermath of a nuclear disaster, a family of three attends a charitable event at a hotel, which takes a dark turn when people start to disappear. Think The Purge with a post-apocalyptic twist. This desolate world within the first few minutes had Dark (Netflix series) vibes, and introducing this family and their situation was exciting. Once we get to the event is when the madness happens (as expected), and there are plenty of chills and thrills along the way.

There were plenty of missed opportunities that kept it from being special, and it is a complete rehash of other ideas. I also wasn’t a fan of some of the acting here. Characters within this type of post-apocalyptic film tend to take it over-the-top, but this may have been too much. Everything is on point except a few of those performances, and then you have awkward writing. The overall story is interesting, but within that, the exchanges are a bit cringe at times. Honestly, this made the movie more fun to watch at times, and it’s part of the reason why I had so much fun, but the real reason was the third act. There is something about how this all wraps up that made me sit back and say, “yeah I get it.” Was it perfect? No, but there is fun to be had here for sure. I will recommend staying away from the English-dubbed version, as it was absolutely terrible. 

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