Eternals ★★★½

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The saga of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilizations.

It is odd that one Marvel film can make me feel two completely different ways, yet here I am. On one hand, I feel as if this film gets too much hate. I disagree with putting it on the level of Thor: The Dark World, and I quite enjoy how this feels unlike anything else in the universe. Zhao is a good director, and you can feel her impact on the screenplay. That said, you can also feel the impact of numerous other people. The common criticism is one I somewhat share, and that is the way this story is edited together. Jumping around from time period to time period isn’t the best way to go about something like this, especially because these characters are so unfamiliar. I knew all about this crew prior to watching, so I did not have any catching up to do. There was never any confusion for me because of my interest in a few of these comics, but I can see why it is too much for some.

What works so well here are the interactions between these characters. The team dynamic is strong, and the idea of the Eternals crew having to reunite due to this massive problem is an interesting one. Sersi could have been more interesting, but Gemma Chan is good. Madden crushes as Ikaris, and Nanjiani steals the show as Kingo. His comedic moments are genuinely funny and authentic. The final battle is one that hits hard, and the display of each character’s unique power is handled well. Certain moments of buildup for that are great, but there are scenes where the film begins to lose steam. It is so distinctly different from the rest of the universe, and that gives it a slightly disjointed feel when you begin asking questions. My other major qualm is that I have a new issue every single time I watch it. The pacing isn’t great, and the screenplay feels unfocused. It is going for epic, and while the third act is epic, the entire film never truly reaches that status. The final result is one that I like, but we can all agree that it should have been better.

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