Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

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How does this film not get more credit? Fun fact, I just finished this for the first time. Now, I had seen most of the movie already but, for some strange reason; I never finished it, therefore I never logged it. I just don’t feel right rating/ranking movies that I haven’t finished all the way. Fincher is incredible. Growing up, I never connected with his movies like I do now. After watching Mindhunter, Seven (for the first time), Zodiac, etc. I started realizing why everyone else loves him so much. He is honestly a genius and while I don’t love every single one of his movies; the ones that I love, I have a passion for.

Gone Girl is just a different film. It is unlike anything we have ever seen from this director. Sure, the premise has been attempted in similar ways but never with this level of talent involved. Fincher directs this like a boss and the dialogue is top notch. It possibly holds the best dialogue of any Fincher film (other than Social Network of course). Affleck masterfully portrays an unhappy man who gets thrusted into this ordeal by his (also unhappy) wife portrayed (incredibly) by Pike. The mystery of her disappearance is one that the audience slowly uncovers with the rest of the characters and the entire ordeal is beyond entertaining.

The exchanges between the characters provide the most thrills but the execution only enhances the experience. Cronenweth is an underrated cinematographer and his genius should not go unnoticed. The entire movie just swept my wife and I away. Once the story wraps you up; you’re in until the end. Not every storyline worked but at least they went for it. My only questionable element (at first) was Neil Patrick Harris’s performance but it began to grow on me as I learned more about his character. Gone Girl is awesome and is in the upper tier of Fincher films for me; but let’s face it, he has directed some absolute gems.


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