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This is one of the longest Friday’s I can remember, as I woke up and first watched Greyhound (I have watched 3 movies since). I do it for YouTube, but I also do it because I freaking love movies. We start with this Tom Hanks-led War picture. Early in World War II, an inexperienced U.S. Navy captain must lead an Allied convoy being stalked by Nazi U-boat wolfpacks. This film is extremely simple. What seems like a series of repetitive events (okay it is actually that) turns into an emotional and motivating War film that would have been much better on the big-screen. It genuinely sucks that we won’t get that opportunity, as this film is built for that experience. I tried to take that into account as well as I could, but one can only do so much in that department. Greyhound is indeed a flawed film. We talked 1917 recently, and that’s a movie that I am ready to defend when it comes to the characters. This film doesn’t really establish anyone outside of Hanks. We have Tom, Tom has his men around him, and that’s about that. I call him Tom because he will always be Tom.

There is no arguing that lack of development here. We love the performance because it’s a face that we recognize, but they do a poor job of adding a ton of depth. He gets enough to get us on board with the story, and that is a story built on tension. The tense and pulse-pounding moments here are amongst the best of the year, and this film executes on these “water battles” way better than a movie like Midway. Midway featured such a poor script, and while this one could use some work, there is enough to establish the fact that we are dealing with a historically accurate story. This feels as if it did so much justice to the actual story. It is pedal to the metal, full-force, from beginning to end. The pacing is swiftand maybe even a bit too quick at times. I will hardly ever complain about an 80 minute runtime, but this film could have been even longer. I was enthralled throughout, as the intense action was well-crafted. I just wish it could have delivered in other areas. It’s enough to thrill history buffs, fans of the genre, and action-lovers.

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