Hereditary ★★★★★

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This movie just keeps getting better and better. It stuck with me after first viewing, got better on rewatch, and now I would consider it one of the best Horror movies I’ve ever seen. Ari brilliantly crafts this haunting story from beginning to end, and even though it slows down, there is never a dull moment. The cinematography is undeniable, the performances are iconic, and the buildup is perfect. I get it, it’s weird. That may seem like a childish thing to say, but that’s the perfect word to use. I recommended this to a friend who just didn’t know what to say afterwords, but he later said it was great (as many have). 

The finale feels random and confusing, but upon further research, it all makes plenty of sense. Watching the movie multiple times gives context to a few of the situations, and it allows you to pay attention to what isn’t in focus. The activity in the background is evident in every single scene. Each shot is full of incredible detail. The dark look/feel of the film feels like an Ari Aster staple until you watch Midsommar. The man has made two completely different, yet eerily similar, films. He’s awesome and Toni Collette should have been nominated. She delivers my absolute favorite performance from last year, and (in my opinion) the absolute best.

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