Jaws ★★★★★

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Jaws is the perfect encapsulation of realistic fear. I often don’t enjoy praising movies just because they were “the first.” It’s definitely important to be the first, but that doesn’t necessarily make it “the best” (if that makes sense). Jaws does indeed fall into that category; as it is both the first blockbuster and arguably the best. It isn’t my personal favorite, but it is firmly within my top 100 movies of all-time. There is just too much not to like when it comes to the script here. The simplicity is awesome, and Spielberg knows exactly how to handle every interaction. The buildup of the Mayor as the actual villain is unexpected at first, but “Bruce” is honestly just minding his own business. He takes some limbs off in the process but hey, sometimes you get hungry.

My wife told me that this is the first movie my mother in-law ever got to see in the theater. She kept using the excuse of “I have to go to the bathroom,” because she was so thoroughly terrified. I could only imagine being alive in the 70’s, and experiencing this fresh and terrifying film on the big screen. What an absolute rush that would be. There are a few scenes that standout, but it’s the overall direction from Spielberg that steals the movie. The camera techniques used in Jaws are some of my favorites ever. That, combined with the unintentional lack of the shark (which helped build suspense), gave the film an opportunity to capitalize on the fear of the audience. Every performance is great, but my favorite has to be John Williams. Does that count? Williams, who has composed countless classics, may have given us his best here (top 3 at least). It’s just a great film overall, and it never fails to give me chills upon rewatch. 

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