Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

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Just to get it out of the way, this will absolutely require another viewing to have a concrete opinion of it. In terms of divisiveness due to decisions made, this is easily another Iron Man 3 for the MCU. But as the majority of fans seem to have major issues with that movie, Far From Home will most likely be received in a largely positive way. This film (as you have probably heard) holds some huge surprises along the way. Some surprises were predictable but even those were executed in such a way that blew me away. Visually, this film steps everything up a notch and really impresses from a stylistic standpoint. My only critique with the visuals are a few moments with the cgi. There are times when the Spider-Man suit can look a bit rubbery; and as great as the battle scenes are, I did want a bit more of a focus on web-swinging.

The Homecoming moments return with some hilarious exchanges between characters that we loved from the first. Ned, especially, knocks it out of the park for me. Every now and then, when the camera would cut away from Spider-Man, it would cut to a joke that didn’t work. There were a few more jokes that didn’t land as hard as they did in Homecoming. I still (barely) prefer the humor in that one. I also prefer the pacing of the first. The first act of this film didn’t feel as smooth. It’s also a bit familiar but that’s all for good reason. Once the Mysterio storyline kicks in, the movie is a blast from there on out. Gyllenhaal completely owns this role and is one of my absolute favorite, most interesting characters in the MCU thus far. His relationship with Spider-Man is thoroughly emotional and I was completely invested.

The use of Fury (and Hill) was perfect; and Happy Hogan is only getting better. The parallels between Stark’s story and Parker’s story are becoming more apparent; and the subtlety of placing Stark’s face everywhere that they went was heartbreaking. When Parker breaks down, you feel it and you understand why. Also, everyone is saying this and you may feel like they are overreacting; but don’t feel that way about the post-credits scenes. The audible reaction from my theater was insane and both of them have huge implications for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This entire film is filled with crowd-pleasing surprises, wonderful Peter Parker moments and action scenes that hold far more weight than the previous entry. This is just a consistent franchise and it sets up so many possibilities for the future.

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