The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things ★★★½

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Two teens who live the same day repeatedly, enabling them to create the titular map.

Part of me is starting to think I have a sweet spot for these types of films. I always say they “aren’t my favorite,” but I just love when we get one done right. From good acting to a sweet premise, this is a coming-of-age RomCom that works on all levels, but it has the twist of a time loop. We did just see Palm Springs do something similar, so that hurt my anticipation, but I was willing to give it a shot. Part of my enjoyment was the two leads and their impressive chemistry. Both do a great job, but Kathryn Newton rocks every moment. The material has its clichés, and it may even begin to fall too far into the genre tropes around the halfway mark. It is almost as if they had to check off all of the boxes. So nothing stands out as completely original.

You could also say, “well couldn’t they have done more with this premise?” But everything has essentially been done within the genre, and the goal here is to bring it to us in a fresh way. What shines through is the heart, and just the concept of doing some good for others with all of this time and power. We are rooting for the romance, for the problems to be solved, and for our heroes to figure a way out. While we don’t get all of the answers we expect, what we get is presented in a sweet and well-executed way. The film thrives due to the pure charm of the humor, the chemistry, and the line delivery from our leads. It is also genuinely well-shot. If you are completely sick of the genre, I am not sure if this film will win you over, but it knocks it out of the park for the target audience. The beauty is in the simplicity, and The Map of Tiny Perfect Things works extremely well.

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