The Mustang ★★★½

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To say I was a bit underwhelmed with this movie will come off as too negative for my liking; so I will just say that I wanted a bit more. That being said, it is an extremely well-made character study. It’s beautifully shot, sad to think about (in a good way) and understandably slow-paced. The pacing is probably my biggest issue. With a more “meaty” (what a word to use) story, I would have understood the lack of energy. But, at times, this felt like a chore to get through. It’s not because I wasn’t interested but the impact felt a bit lackluster compared to the story it was telling. This is a story about finding yourself, regret, making yourself whole again and forgiveness. All of those elements are handled with care and our lead is wonderfully convincing.

He is subdued but he almost has to be for this story to work. There has to be a balance of criminal vs. father. We, as an audience, have to buy this for the film to connect with us. I absolutely bought it and I commend the directing as well. Once again, it’s an expertly crafted movie; I just didn’t completely connect with the way it was presented. That’s not to say I can’t recommend it because it’s one of the better low-budget movies of the year. The Mustang just has that feeling that you want with a film like this and includes some great performances. I felt how slow it moved and wanted a bit more payoff; but it could easily end up breaking your heart (in a good way).

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