The Social Network ★★★★★

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In an effort to get all caught up on my man Fincher; I had to check this film out for the second time. I watched it when it first dropped on DVD in 2010 and haven’t seen it since. This means that I was 15 at the time so my film loving brain couldn’t fully appreciate it. And while I’m keeping my score around a 9/10; I am one more watch away from going five stars with this one. I was in a busy environment today while rewatching so I couldn’t get the full effect but this dialogue, accurate or not, is some of the best in any film ever.

Eisenberg is nothing short of spectacular as our main character and Garfield was robbed of a supporting actor nomination that year. No one can convince me otherwise. This story is just so engaging and it’s amazing how Sorkin can continue this level of brilliance in his screenplays. A lot of the time, the filmmaking cannot match the script or vice versa. This film captures both to an absolute level of perfection. I had to sit here and research things about these real life characters and it’s 2018. This film has continued to impact the ones who have loved it for eight years and I can now rave about it; since I have watched it again.

The music is also a major player into why I love it so much. It’s subtle but it leads your emotions into so many different places. The Oscar winning elements are great; “tell me something I don’t know Austin.” Yeah, all of these praises are obvious but I just don’t see how someone couldn’t appreciate the level of master-work here. Now, I could definitely see how someone could think it’s boring. My only critique is that it’s a little long but I’m reaching there. My love for Fincher continues to rise and screw it; I’m giving this film 5⭐️

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