Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½


FIFTH WATCH👀 - It’s incredible that this is just my fifth time watching (all the way through). I may have turned it on a few times in the background. But it’s interesting because Ragnarok has slowly crept up my lists. It’s now above Homecoming and creeping up on Iron Man. I just think the mixture of humor and the epic tone is PERFECTION. It’s amazing how your opinion changes overtime with films. 

Not that it’s changed because my score is the same but the rewatch factor goes a long way. Some for the better and some for the worse. I just keep finding these little gems in Ragnarok. Korg is slowly becoming one of my favorite Marvel characters. His exchanges throughout have me in stitches (and I’m slowly mastering an impression). 

And after watching Infinity War, I look at this film like this; Thor handles his pain with laughter. The loss of his father and mother... Handled with humor... And that emotion is building up so much that he continues to fight through it in his own way. You see it in Infinity War and it’s heartbreaking. It made this film mean more to me. 

Overall, I’m on the opposite side of the hate crowd here. I love Taika’s flavor. He brings masterful/colorful set pieces to life with his signature humor and balance of action. The score is top notch. And the use of music is perfect ESPECIALLY during that fight scene. Sorry I’ll stop gushing. THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN.

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