Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

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I am just completely head over heels for this movie. It’s so different from anything else in the MCU and it has completely redefined a character that, let’s face it, was getting a bit stale. Thor now leans more on the humor/heart and less on the muscle/tough nature that the character is known for. It’s something that makes Thor the God that he is; but we know he is this all powerful being. What he has proven to us lately is the fact that he cares. He has suffered loss, heartbreak and pain; and Ragnarok begins to convey that, beautifully, to the audience.

I have minor issues including the first scene that starts out on a bit of an awkward note. As soon as the music kicks in, I’m locked in; but that opening monologue never fully works for me. Skurge’s ark never (really) feels earned, the warriors three are killed off way too quickly and there’s on line that is an obvious voiceover: “Hulk I need you to do something for me.” My goal with these rewatches is to pinpoint my nitpicks with the movies that I love. Clearly, Ragnarok is one of my favorites and it has substantially grown on me over the last two years. I need more Marvel movies like this in the future.

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