Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

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It’s astonishing how much certain movies can grow on you. It isn’t even the fact that this film has increased in score (all that much), but it has slowly climbed my personal ladder of MCU greats. I actually had this under Homecoming at one point, and it wasn’t even in my top 10 at the end of 2017. It’s now firmly in place as one of my favorites, and a lot of that has to do with the impressive mix of comedy and action. My biggest criticism (at first) was the fact that it didn’t capitalize on the name “Ragnarok.” It’s completely different as it is in the comics, which is fine, but it never truly hits that epic tone that I felt was warranted. I fell right into the trap that I hate, and that trap is when fandom can occasionally have certain expectations that are not going to be met. If they are (expectedly) not met; fans will get mad regardless of quality of the film.

I have fallen into that trap plenty of times, and I’ve seen others blatantly do it online, and even say that they’re doing it (The Last Jedi for some). It’s a much different case here, as I still loved the film, but it was much more of a comedy than I anticipated. That threw me off, but I wasn’t as familiar with Taika Waititi, and I had my own (very different) expectations. Now I watch, and I laugh, and it’s beautiful. I see the comedy for its brilliance (Korg for president), yet I can still pull out the epic/tragic moments. Thor loses a lot here, and the film itself is brutally violent. It’s masked by the jokes and the color-scheme, but there are so many deaths. We literally lose The Warriors Three so quick, and that’s actually one of my biggest issues with the movie, because they were once extremely important to this world/character.

Another issue is the opening scene. The joke went on for too long, and my theater (on opening night) didn’t laugh once during that ongoing joke. It put a bad taste in my mouth, but the second that song kicks in is a game-changer. “Fun Thor” is the best Thor, and the tone of this movie is amazing. It’s the perfect way to portray him, and Taika coming back for the next one is just the best news. I contend that he knows exactly what this character is, and his style meshes perfectly with how this character has progressed in the MCU. Thor‘s transformation from what he was in the first movie, to now, is possibly the best the best arc in the MCU. Taika adapts the ideas that people love, but he puts his own spin on them, and that’s what makes it work (so well) as a movie. My final shoutout goes to Mark Mothersbaugh and his epic and retro score.  I’ve talked at length about this plenty of times, and I just realized I did it again (DANGIT).

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