Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

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I am just extremely upset that this will (most likely) fall out of my top ten before the year is out. I can’t get it past the score I originally gave it just because it is a, clearly, flawed film. But there is something about the flaws that flow so well. Even when I was completely confused, I was also fascinated with every single decision made. The outlandish nature of the storytelling, mixed with the mesmerizing cinematography, combines to make a movie that you just have to see. It is easily one of the most “love it or hate it” movies of 2019 but A24 has never played it safe. It’s all about finding out what each metaphor means, how this story actually ties everything in and what was the point to start with?

I still don’t have half of the answers that I need to be happy and I have watched the movie twice. This second watch was absolutely warranted and it answered a few more things; but it’s still a complete mystery as to what certain things mean. It’s pure lunacy at times but everything has a purpose and that started to become more clear on this watch. I have a crazy theory that I will discuss with my next watch. All in all, the fact that this movie is so long/wild; and I effortlessly got through it a second time, tells me that it’s something pretty special. It’s flawed but fascinating. Also, Andrew Garfield is just ridiculously talented. The guy is going to continue to grow and I can’t wait to see where he ends up.

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